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Dholera Project is probably one of the biggest that Indian governmenthas ever visualized – A project that shall be twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai.

Prime Minister of India:- Narendra Modi

About Dholera SIR

Dholera Special Investment Region is a greenfield industrial smart city planned and located approximately 100 km southwest of Ahmedabad. It is envisioned as India’s most attractive location for manufacturing and industrial development.

Industries in DSIR

Dholera is India’s first platinum-rated industrial smart city, comprising the largest land parcels in southeast Asia.Dholera is committed to increasing transport, efficiency and improve trade flows based on the strategic pillars of sustainability, digitisation, and innovation.

Town Planning Schemes (TPS)

Dholera aims to improve the quality of life in terms of economic sustainability and cultural sensibility.The Government of Gujarat and DSIRDA have adopted the mechanism of Town Planning Schemes (TPS) to ensure the delivery of serviced land that can benefit the local population and the private sector.


Dholera Industrial City is envisaged to be a world-class destination with excellent infrastructure. Dholera SIR is a planned smart, sustainable community, which will be the role model for future cities in India.

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Dholera Video

Shri Amit Shah Minister of Home Affairs Speech about Dholera smart City

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Shri Bhupendra bhai Patel Chief minister Investors Roundtable Conference about Dholera smart City

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Shri Piyush Goyal |Centre minister Investors Roundtable Conference about Dholera smart City.

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Dholera's Giants investor


100 Acres

100 Acres - 2 Gw Solar Module Plant  

200 MW

200 MW Solar Park

1320 Acres

1320 Acres - Solar Plant

100 Acres

5 GW Solar Cell & Module Manufacturing Plant

1426 Acres

1426 Acres - Aircraft Manufacturing

3 Acres

Petrol Stations & EV Charging Station

126 Acres

10 GwH Li-ion Battery Manufacturing Plant

30 Acres

POLYCAB Connection Zindagi Ka Wire, Cables & Accessories

90 Acres

Aluminum Foil & Flexible Packaging

700 Acres

LED FAB Semiconductor Facility Under the MeITY PLI

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Why is Dholera smart city different from other smart cities in India?

Dholera smart city catches the eye with its size of 920 Sq. Km., but there’s a lot more than that. Top 12 fastest growing cities in the world by Forbes, International Airport, Metro, Expressway, and ports, fast track trading and manufacturing activities make it one of its kind smart city.

What is the Future of the Dholera?

Dholera Smart City will accommodate around 2 million people with a dedicated area of 450 sq. km for industries. It’ll become a macroscale business hub once it is fully operational. Be it the investment or ownership, Dholera Smart City has all the reasons to reward the stakeholders.

Why should I invest in Dholera?

At present, Dholera Smart City offers you the opportunity to invest in Residential or commercial properties at a much-discounted rate to promote the project. Green energy, a Commercial hub, International connectivity, and a Flagship education program are a few things ensuring a phenomenal return on your investment.

What is the progress of connectivity in Dholera?

Dholera itself has connectivity to NH 8, and a six-lane expressway is under construction to connect it with Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. The International Airport in Dholera Smart City is expected to be operational in 2025.

Is Dholera a Failure Project?

The revolution takes its own time. Dholera SIR is a world-class project with a recognizable size. It is ranked in the top 20 fastest-growing cities by Forbes. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities make it a unique smart city in India which explains its success.

What is the current status of dholera?

Phase 1 of the Dholera Smart City project is completed in 2022. It includes parts of TP2 & TP4 (Sub TP – 2A & 4A) with an area of approx. 22.54 sq. km.

Is the Dholera smart city project completed?

Dholera smart city project, being one of its kind, is being developed in three phases. The first phase of the Dholera SIR smart city will be operational in 2020 with township planning 1 & 2. The second phase will be functional in 2032, and the third phase in 2042.

What is the size of Dholera Smart city?

The total size of Dholera smart city is 920 sq. km. it is divided into different zones, namely the Industrial zone (47%), Residential Zone (28%), Community facilities (8%), Roads (6%), Tourism (3%), Recreation and sports (3%), and so on.

Is Dholera a good investment?

Investment in a smart city of the size of 920 Sq. km area with state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity is no doubt a wise decision. Moreover, the willingness of US and Japanese manufacturers to shift to India makes it a worth-investing project.

What will be the population of Dholera?

Dholera Smart city is expected to accommodate approximately 2 million people, with a residential area of more than 250 Sq. km and around 5 Lakh homes.

Who planned Dholera SIR Project?

Dholera SIR Project is a joint venture of the Central government and the Gujrat government to build a state-of-the-art smart city. The Central government has a 49% share in the project, while the state government has a 51% share.


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