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We provide land, plots, and commercial property inside and outside of Dholera SIR.

The Nestoria Buildcon Group carries a rich legacy of over many years built on the trust and belief of our customers.

About nestoria group

The Beginning of the Success Story

In 2010, we started our journey from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Raised in a middle-class family with inherent values, we never imagined ourselves to achieve the success we are at present. Alike a middle-class family, we, three brothers, started this journey as a means to make a livelihood, but it became our passion and, in no time, we found ourselves helping people get the best solution for their dream property, and it all comes with the values we incorporated from our family.

Our passion to help others choose the perfect property based on their requirement and our hard work to lead this journey with examples brought us tremendous results and we started getting popularity as “Tomar Brothers.”

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Another Step in this phenomenal Journey

Soon, we realized that several people across the nation are looking for a genuine solution in terms of owning residential or commercial properties. The demand for a real estate solution provider gave us a glimpse of the future lying ahead of us. The potential and opportunity to serve people urged us to scale up and expand in pan India.

Our reputation, passion, and efforts allowed us to reach a large number of people in various states in no time and serve them with the best possible options for residential and commercial property requirements, along with the best investment options. We expanded our reach and offered our services and products under various brand names in different parts of the nation.

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Go Global

As kids, we were taught that the sky is the limit, but later, we figured out that with consistent efforts, hard work, and sheer intention to serve society, “even the sky is not the limit.” The moment we realized this, we planned to go global and sharpen our skills in other areas as well. Now, we have our presence in 9 countries, with several successful projects, and our services in marketing and sales.

It enriched our experience and allowed us to utilize our skills and learning to serve more and more people and add happiness to their life. Our success is the outcome of our value system, and we always cherish it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to add value and happiness to the lives of people, making it an easy, cozy, and tireless process to own a property in any part of the country. “Genuine, Effortless, and Ease are our Mantra.”

Core value

Commitment,Communication and Client satisfaction are the core values of Nestoria Group.We always assure the security of the investment of the client.

भविष्य का शहर धोलेरा स्मार्ट सिटी विजिट करें.

Dholera smart city premium plots for sale.

Dholera SIR

In the year 2018, we started our engagement in Dholera SIR. A roadmap to one of the best smart cities in the world with state-of-the-art facilities and international connectivity caught our eyes and compelled us to showcase this potential to the people and help them go with the future.

In the Dholera Smart City project, we are offering a range of properties, be it residential, commercial, industrial, or so on. We aimed to create awareness about this dream project and let everyone enjoy the fruits of investment in the project.

Our entire team is working dedicatedly to present you with the best solution to your requirements, making it easy for you to plot a perfect property and add happiness to your life.

Crafting the Future

This is not the limit. We have all the plans in place to start developing the residential and commercial projects. Our clients have regularly asked us to provide them well-constructed house or commercial places.

The requirements of our clients forced us to initiate a venture in construction where we can serve our clients with the well-constructed and cozy homes, villas, and flats along with commercial properties such as Malls, Supermarkets, etc.

Soon, this journey will touch the new heights and a new horizon will be a part of Nestoria Group. This has been possible with the trust of our clients and our dedicated team. We are all committed to serve our client more than ever.


Real Estate by the Numbers

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Our Team

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Mr.Shivkumar Singh Tomar

Co-Founder- Nestoria Group

Mr. Shivkumar Singh Tomar is also the co-founder of Nestoria group. His passion and intensive expertise in the real estate sector ensured the consistent growth of the group. His vision “The best and affordable property to everyone” helped us redefine the real estate sector and focus on the satisfaction of our clients.

Mr. Mohan Singh Tomar

Co-Founder- Nestoria Group

Mr. Mohan Singh Tomar is one of the founder partners and a force behind the success of Nestoria Group. His professional acumen and farsighted vision shaped the foundation of Nestoria and enabled it to serve the people across the nation as a solution provider. The name Nestoria has flourished under his guidance and ready to achieve new milestones in time to come.

Mr. Nitin Singh Tomar

Director- Nestoria Group

It’s always a pleasure to have a creative and energetic force on board, so is Mr. Nitin Singh Tomar, our director. Out of the box thinking, passion to grow, and creativity to serve our clients are some of his attributes. His energy and team management help the entire group to be on a same page and work smart of achieve our vision.


We're going to became partners for the long run

The Value of trust will be extended to all associated with Nestoria buildcon Group including clients and suppliers.

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